Expeditions to Elsewhere

What Time Is It? Tooth-hurty!

The party went out to explore the moorlands to the south-west. They came across some chicken-bird-lizard-like creatures feasting on a bush of red berries.

As they were fighting them, Maurice, Alwyn and Phillip II (the goat) all got bitten and turned to stone, whilst Laucian and Girdon slayed the creatures (which Laucian named Lithosauruses).

In an attempt to cure their fallen comrades of their horrific affliction, Girdon had the ingenius thought to crush some of the berries into his waterskin and feed it to Maurice. Unfortunately, this had the side effect of causing the statue-like Maurice to lose all his teeth.

The two then headed back to town and returned the next day with horses and began to transport their fallen comrades back to town.

Halfway back their acquatiences turned back to human, shrugging off their stony exterior with no apparent ill effect.

Laucian and Girdon then sold the corpses they had collected to the museum (they refused to take the teeth), before dropping the teeth and some research on how to reinsert them through the door of Maurice's shop.

Runes for Dummies (Return to the Murder Stone)

The party headed out, intending to return to investigate the runes found in the southern moorland further.

They came across a fight between a Gant and a number of Rosynteryx. The party easily defeated the creatures, but a second Gant surfaced and took Ser Bryan on an underground adventure.

The party returned to the Murder Stone, where Maurice examined the artifact's history. In his vision, he saw a remarkably huge humanoid creature with greyish by the name of Gilrog. The stone was shaped and worked over several years, approximately 800 years prior. Five or so years later, the stone was rolled across the moorlands from the south for about 30 miles. The stone was blessed and consecrated. 50 years after – someone was sacrificed on the stone and a missed weapon took a chunk out of the stone. The specific purpose of the stone was to be a sacrificial altar to the deity Skoraeus.

They pressed on the next day to the Stog encampment that was near Lake Stonesmasher, which appeared to have been abandoned. Maurice managed to find a bush of Goldpetal and successfully harvested the plant.

The party found that the monolith had fallen back over once again, but Maurice did an analysis on it. It was hacked from a mountainside and chisled into shape by Dredlog approximately 300 years ago. The precision of the carving was very significant.

The carving was transported for several hundred miles before being discarded in this location some 250 years ago by Dredlog himself – the stone was small enough to be carried by its owners in a single hand, but would fill that hand entirely.

The party entered the cave found previously, The entrance was a smooth sloping ramp, with dry gullies on either side of this. Green and orange worm-like creatures could be seen on the ceiling, and the party found a smooth patch of stone on the wall that was door-like in shape, but they could not open.

Baüog got his scimitar stuck in the edge, and as the party recovered it, they were attacked by the worms (which were named ? by Maurice). Baüog fell to the creature's poisonous bite, but the party quickly finished off the beasts and Ser Bryan restored Baüog to consciousness and cleared the poison from her veins, whilst Maurice magically fixed the broken blade. Hawthorn tried to harvest poison from the worms, but was poisoned in the process until Ser Bryan cured him.

They found a battered set of plate armor, wooden shield and sword on the floor, in an area before the cave widened to an area that had a giant hole in the ground. As they approached, the objects formed into a floating form as if animated. The fight was a little challenging as the party had never fought possessed items before, but they were eventually victorious, at which point the items disintegrated into magical dust, which Maurice stuffed into his pockets.

Around the whole, several monoliths were precariously balanced, and the party could hear the echoing sounds of water 5-10 feet below. Piled in the water, around 15 feet below the surface, they found an enormous pile of monoliths. It appeared that these monoliths had been pushed into the cave, as it was too small for the giant-sized creatures that carved them to enter – explaining the smoothness of the ramp.

Text fragments recovered:

"On the last day of … of the mighty Rock … proved himself to be … and did give himself … living rock as tribute."

"On the fifth day of wynter, chieftain Druuuk of the Stonesmasher clan was slain in combat with the dogmen. Long live the new chieftain Torrog, fiercest of our clan."

"… day of the hot summer … clan Rock Splitter did … the strongest of our … disgrace unto himself … misfortune to his clan … himself in the eyes of the living rock."

"On the final day … Kruggh of clan Earth … did defeat all … and gave himself … living rock as … "

There were some adventures involving feet and ropes, but may have been a mass hallucination.

The party then descended into the water, exploring the flooded caves beneath. In the southern channel the party eventually found an area with handholds leading to a ledge 15 feet above. Baüog was grabbed out of the water by a horrific creature that quickly dropped Baüog to the floor, however, she was quickly rescued by the rest of the party and the monster slain.

The party then returned to the central flooded cave, dragging the dead creature that was stuck to Baüog and Ser Bryan behind them (at least until Maurice cut them free), before heading up the northern passageway. This flooded passageway opened up into a carved and constructed room with smooth walls and a flagstone floor, with a large boulder sitting in the centre. The boulder was shimmering was a yellow-ish light.

It quickly turned into a gooey blob, which then proceeded to attack the party. When Ser Bryan attempted to attack it, he sliced it in half, causing the two halves to form into separate creatures. However, these proved easy to defeat, and the party proceeded, opening the door at the back of this room.

In this final room lay a sarcophogus, atop which lay an axe that detected with necromantic and evocation magics.

Maurice attempted to identify the weapon, at which point the torches on the walls illuminated with a blue flame and three shapes appeared behind him. These immediately attacked the party for disturbing their rest, but the party eventually took them down.

They opened the sarcophogus, revealing a heavily worn humanoid skeleton, which Maurice analysed. He then attempted to identify the weapon again, revealing it as a powerful weapon engraved with runes named 'Giantslayer'.

A Wonderful Walk in the Woods

The party headed out into the hills north of the mine, pushing into the woods when they saw things flying overhead.

They found a worn path through the woodlands before finding strange, sticky, white filament – which Maurice collected.

They were attacked by swarms of spiders, which they defeated quickly, before finding a clearing of Purple Dindle, which they somewhat-successfully harvested.

They were attacked by some purple bipedal creature (which Girdon named a aracnopode), which they attacked, and then they ran from a swarm of the things, eventually finding themselves in a shimmering clearing with ring of stunted growth around a central pile of stones - which registered as magical, from the school of necromancy.

Maurice moved the stones to his feet, the necromantic aura moving with them, and causing the atmosphere in the glade to become significantly more threatening. Two balls of light sprung from the mount, which was revealed to be a flat slb of stone, which quickly cracked as a hand smashed through it. The creature inside then stood – revealing itself to be a skeletal humanoid with desiccated skin clinging to it.

They killed the skeletal creature, only leaving the lights behind, which appeared to be able to turn invisible as they wished. These lights were tough, dodging out of the way of many of the blows aimed at them and dealing considerable damage in return, even appearing to be able to heal itself when it sucks the life out of a downed opponent. However, the lights were eventually defeated.

Maurice did an analysis on the skeletal creature, finding it to have been a creature with pointy ears and a long face that fought with a bow and a longsword against a swarm of dark shadowy creatures with 2 comrades, before falling to the swarm. He then took the chain armor off the creature before reburying it. The necromantic aura and threatening conditions appeared to have lifted on the defeat of the enemies.

They then returned to Mysthaven, taking the bow, longsword and a sketch of the wight to donate to the museum.

Gurblyn Adventure (Part 3) - Abandonment of Fort Buttermayo

Following their battle against Hagdag, the party successfully secured the throne room of the gurblyn fort and managed to rest for several hours. Their attempts to find any hidden treasure the gurblyns had left behind proved larely fruitless, aside from a few precious gems; most of the gurblyn weapons they found were poorly crafted and the only reinforced door turned out to be a latrine. A ragged map with characters akin to those on drawfish artifacts was also recovered. The group decided to venture outside the throne room and explored the rest of the keep; to their surprise it initially appeared to be devoid of any gurblyn activity. Some rooms had been filled with hostile wolves, which the party assumed to be a bizarre act of spite the gurblyns had performed before abandoning the keep. Some magical shields were recovered from the castle's armory, although their effects were unclear. 

Upon exiting the fort, the party found it was the dead of the night; even with a lantern to illuminate their surroundings their visibility remained remarkably poor. Mynister Butterfass threw a fire bolt over one of the guard towers, but there was no response; the group took this to mean that the gurblyns had abandoned the fort as well as the keep. They subsequently attempted to investigate one of the smaller buildings within the fort; this appeared to be some sort of crude lodgings which had also been filled with wolves. After dispatching the wolves, the party found themselves under attack from unseen archers. With limited light available, they were unable to see their attackers and chose to run across the open field between them and the fort gate. Upon approaching the gate, they were able to see that the gurblyn archers had resumed their positions upon the watchtowers; foot soldiers also took advantage of the darkness and confusion to sneak up on some party members and engage them at melee range. While the party fought more gurblyn soldiers, archers and wolf-mounted warriors, Hagdag returned to the fray and dealt a mortal blow to Guy. The party was close to being overwhelmed, but their bear allies unexpectedly broke through the gates of the fort and engaged Hagdag in combat. Even with their support, the party was unable to defeat Hagdag; the hobgurblyn brutally wounded both bears before withdrawing. The remained of the party managed to kill the few gurblyns that remained around the gates. Girdon created a magical fog cloud to shroud the group and allow them to tend to the wounded;  the party was able to stabilise the bears but it was too late to save Guy Wisestreet. Guy succumbed to his wounds, but he died with the satisfaction of a job well done. The party realised that they were unlikely to be able to conquer the fort in their current condition, and retreated under the cover of fog with the wounded bears and Guy's body. 

Upon their return to Mysthaven, the team gave Guy a proper cremation and dispensed with the majority of their loot. The ragged map was given to the museum for inspection. The enchanted shields were examined by local artificer Herbert Fitzsprocket but ultimately turned out to be useless due to the incompatibility of the enchantments used with the defensive nature of a shield; this did provide some troubling insight into the gurblyns' attempts to harness magical forces for combat.

Gurblyn Adventure (Part 2) - Reclamation of Fort Buttermayo

Against everyone's better judgement, the party decided that the best course of action would be to attempt to capture the for they had observed during the last adventure. To bolster their numbers, the party recruited a local town guard named Guy Wisestreet to assist them in their quest. After completing their preparations, they ventured back into the forest, spending the night at the bear cave before continuing onwards through the de-forested clearing they had passed through previously.

Upon entering the area in which they had fought the gurblyn archers, the group noticed the gurblyns had set up a small encampment, blocking the path. The party was able to sneak past and reach the outskirts of the fort without incident. The party considered several plans for to gain entry, but ultimately decided to attempt to use Mynister Butterfass's Mold Earth cantrip to dig a tunnel into the fort and sneak in during the changing of the guard. While the party was successful in digging a tunnel, passing under the wall and entering the fort, they did not do so unnoticed. Mynister Butterfass was the first to exit the hole and was summarily captured by the gurblyns, although the rest of the party escaped detection. Butterfass was given a brief inspection by the leader of the gurblyns, a hobgurblyn named Hagdag, before being imprisoned in a small cell within the gurblyn keep. 

While Butterfass was being inspected and thrown into jail, the rest of the party managed to enter into fort through the tunnel; they almost immediately entered into combat with the hordes of gurblyns within. While they waged a pitched battle against gurblyn archers and warriors mounted on wolves, Butterfass managed to escape his cell through a trapdoor in the roof that led one of the towers atop the keep.  The remainder of the party managed to climb onto the other towers of the keep using grappling hooks they had acquired previously, and the reunited party managed to fend off the gurblyn forces before taking shelter in Butterfass's cell, fearing what may be lurking in the unexplored sections of the keep. 

After resting, the party attempted to break out of the cell by knocking down the locked cell door leading further into the keep. Unfortunately, the door led directly into the gurblyn throne room and they were forced to fight Hagdag and his praetorian guard of Gurblyn Bosses and archers. While the group did not have much difficulty dispatching the weaker gurblyns, Hagdag and his lieutenants proved to be tougher foes. Hagdag dealt a grievous blow to Jasper, but ultimately retreated after his soldiers were slain; he appeared to understand that he might not be able to defeat the party singlehandedly. As their target had fled, the party decided to barricade the entrances of the now-deserted throne room so they could take the opportunity to rest and hopefully recover from the wounds they had sustained.

WI Outing: Black Holes and Revelations

The Mysthaven Women's Institute, both wanting to test out potential members, earn some gold, and improve their reputation around the town, decided to visit the upcoming business of Herbert Fitzsprocket and test out some of his gadgets – ensuring they were safe for the general public before allowing him to sell these to the people of Mysthaven.

The WI headed south-southeast out of Mysthaven, finding both a sentient tree (which they decided not to attack) and a patch of goldpetal.

They proceeded onwards, coming across some creatures (which Eira named Rosynteryx) and testing out the gadgets given to them. They then had a very nice picnic before testing out the remainder of the gadgets.

Thus follows the report of the equipment tested:

Distributer (Dex save?) ADV on Dex saves Worked as intended
Auto-adrenelin Restore to 1HP Worked as intended
Pocket Sand ? Wrong dust – grow instead
Resurrection Gloves Auto-success on MED check Worked as intended
Stick Belt Stop forced movement Worked as intended
Spatial Condenser Pull things in, do damage Too powerful, didn't stop
Clockwork Bomb Walk and explode A bit pathetic




Gurblyn Adventure (Part 1)

Tavin Butterfass, Mynister of Dyplomacy, decided to form an adventuring party to explore the western forests in order to expand Mysthaven's unique brand of dyplomacy to the surrounding regions and locate the gurblyns that had attacked other adventuring parties in the area. To this end, he recruited Jasper 'Mason' Mayson, Hawthorn Raveneye and Girdon Hazestrike. The party set out westwards, briefly resting near the cave of bears that Hawthorn had befriended on a previous adventure. As they approached the edge of the forest, the group came across a large deforested clearing which appeared to have been the result of a large-scale logging operation. While they could not find any trace of the perpetrators, there were tracks leading away from the site into the woods. The party proceeded in that direction, hoping to find some sign of the gurblyns.

As they ventured deeper into the forest, the party was unexpectedly ambushed by a barrage of arrows from the trees. They found themselves in combat with several gurblyn archers, who were almost impossible to see admidst the natural camoflage provided by the wilderness. A gurblyn champion also emerged, but was handily slain by Jasper in close combat. Despite the death of their champion, the archers remained an enormous threat due to their knowledge of the terrain and their ability to hide seamlessly amongst the trees. While the party managed to eliminate several gurblyns, Girdon and Jasper were both struck down and were resuscitated by Hawthorn's Goodberries. Eventually the party managed to kill the majority of the gurblyns, forcing the unseen survivors to flee. 

Venturing further to the west, the party eventually found a strange fort inhabited by gurblyns. Hiding in the trees surrounding the fort, they were able to observe the passage of carriages and supplies into the fort; they also took note of several guardtowers manned by gurblyns that kept a constant vigil over the exterior of the fort walls. Hawthorn was able to stealthily scale a tree and observe a small portion of the fort interior, including a large keep and other structures. The party camped outside the fort for the better part of a day and observed the changing of the watchtower guard, but ultimately decided that they were not properly equipped to infiltrate the fort. They returned to Mysthaven to resupply and plan their next move.


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