Expeditions to Elsewhere

Discovering the Dindle

The group decided to go into the woods, looking for some herbs to sell to replenish to stock of Herriot Greenthumb, proprietor of Potions 'n' Thyngs.

The party successfully harvested a thicket of Purple Dindle, before settling down to lunch where they were attacked by a swarm of giant bugs!

The adventurers quickly slew the foul beasts before starting to head back to Mysthaven, upon which it became clear they were being followed by a owl the size of a bear that appeared to want to play hide and seek.

The party obliged it for a moment until it turned hostile at which point they killed the hideous creature in defence of their beloved Mysthaven!

WI Outing: Crabfest

Eira, Dilys and Myrtle set out on a mission to find the perfect picnic spot, ready for the annual WI Picnic. Taking a small lunch of their own, they set out north east from Mysthaven venturing up the beaches alongside the lake.
As they were traveling, a seagull decided to make Eira a target, and pooped on her.

The ladies soon came across a mysterious dead body, which once disturbed produced swarms of insects which bit and attacked the ladies. After fighting them off, the ladies ventured further north up the beach, where they found a nice selection of rocks to sit on.
Myrtle tapped a rock to make sure it was safe to sit on, and sat down, while the other ladies took up rocks nearby for their lunch. The seagull appeared again, and repeated it's attack on Eira, so Myrtle blasted it from the sky. 
As they finished up their picnic, a number of the rocks, including the once beneath Eira and Dilys began to move, and a number of the rocks were revealed to be giant crabs! The women fought the crabs, and once all dead, their meat was collected to take back to Mysthaven to make delicious delicacies. 

On the way home, the women collected the dead body they had found earlier, and took it back to Mysthaven, where it now stands stuffed and preserved in the Trophy Hall. 

It was later revealed that this dead creature was a Bullywug.

Wolf Bounty

Walter Bumstead lead a collective of farmers that offered a bounty on all wolf tails brought to them after wolves were found to be attacking the herds in the fields around Mysthaven, also killing Mitty Loomwood.

The party headed into the woods, quickly finding the wolves' lair with Ser Bryan's help and slaying the foul beasts – when exploring the lair afterwards, they found a strange skeleton and recovered its head – naming it a Gurblyn.

Leaving the lair, Persis took over navigation, leading the party in a different direction and eventually coming across a spiked collar and broken chain (later found to be able to control wolves). On the return to town, Ser Bryan tripped and lost his horn and Dustil got an itchy leg.

This was also the adventure on which the Ser Bryan and Dustil bromance began!


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