Expeditions to Elsewhere

Gurblyn Adventure (Part 3) - Abandonment of Fort Buttermayo

Following their battle against Hagdag, the party successfully secured the throne room of the gurblyn fort and managed to rest for several hours. Their attempts to find any hidden treasure the gurblyns had left behind proved larely fruitless, aside from a few precious gems; most of the gurblyn weapons they found were poorly crafted and the only reinforced door turned out to be a latrine. A ragged map with characters akin to those on drawfish artifacts was also recovered. The group decided to venture outside the throne room and explored the rest of the keep; to their surprise it initially appeared to be devoid of any gurblyn activity. Some rooms had been filled with hostile wolves, which the party assumed to be a bizarre act of spite the gurblyns had performed before abandoning the keep. Some magical shields were recovered from the castle's armory, although their effects were unclear. 

Upon exiting the fort, the party found it was the dead of the night; even with a lantern to illuminate their surroundings their visibility remained remarkably poor. Mynister Butterfass threw a fire bolt over one of the guard towers, but there was no response; the group took this to mean that the gurblyns had abandoned the fort as well as the keep. They subsequently attempted to investigate one of the smaller buildings within the fort; this appeared to be some sort of crude lodgings which had also been filled with wolves. After dispatching the wolves, the party found themselves under attack from unseen archers. With limited light available, they were unable to see their attackers and chose to run across the open field between them and the fort gate. Upon approaching the gate, they were able to see that the gurblyn archers had resumed their positions upon the watchtowers; foot soldiers also took advantage of the darkness and confusion to sneak up on some party members and engage them at melee range. While the party fought more gurblyn soldiers, archers and wolf-mounted warriors, Hagdag returned to the fray and dealt a mortal blow to Guy. The party was close to being overwhelmed, but their bear allies unexpectedly broke through the gates of the fort and engaged Hagdag in combat. Even with their support, the party was unable to defeat Hagdag; the hobgurblyn brutally wounded both bears before withdrawing. The remained of the party managed to kill the few gurblyns that remained around the gates. Girdon created a magical fog cloud to shroud the group and allow them to tend to the wounded;  the party was able to stabilise the bears but it was too late to save Guy Wisestreet. Guy succumbed to his wounds, but he died with the satisfaction of a job well done. The party realised that they were unlikely to be able to conquer the fort in their current condition, and retreated under the cover of fog with the wounded bears and Guy's body. 

Upon their return to Mysthaven, the team gave Guy a proper cremation and dispensed with the majority of their loot. The ragged map was given to the museum for inspection. The enchanted shields were examined by local artificer Herbert Fitzsprocket but ultimately turned out to be useless due to the incompatibility of the enchantments used with the defensive nature of a shield; this did provide some troubling insight into the gurblyns' attempts to harness magical forces for combat.

Gurblyn Adventure (Part 2) - Reclamation of Fort Buttermayo

Against everyone's better judgement, the party decided that the best course of action would be to attempt to capture the for they had observed during the last adventure. To bolster their numbers, the party recruited a local town guard named Guy Wisestreet to assist them in their quest. After completing their preparations, they ventured back into the forest, spending the night at the bear cave before continuing onwards through the de-forested clearing they had passed through previously.

Upon entering the area in which they had fought the gurblyn archers, the group noticed the gurblyns had set up a small encampment, blocking the path. The party was able to sneak past and reach the outskirts of the fort without incident. The party considered several plans for to gain entry, but ultimately decided to attempt to use Mynister Butterfass's Mold Earth cantrip to dig a tunnel into the fort and sneak in during the changing of the guard. While the party was successful in digging a tunnel, passing under the wall and entering the fort, they did not do so unnoticed. Mynister Butterfass was the first to exit the hole and was summarily captured by the gurblyns, although the rest of the party escaped detection. Butterfass was given a brief inspection by the leader of the gurblyns, a hobgurblyn named Hagdag, before being imprisoned in a small cell within the gurblyn keep. 

While Butterfass was being inspected and thrown into jail, the rest of the party managed to enter into fort through the tunnel; they almost immediately entered into combat with the hordes of gurblyns within. While they waged a pitched battle against gurblyn archers and warriors mounted on wolves, Butterfass managed to escape his cell through a trapdoor in the roof that led one of the towers atop the keep.  The remainder of the party managed to climb onto the other towers of the keep using grappling hooks they had acquired previously, and the reunited party managed to fend off the gurblyn forces before taking shelter in Butterfass's cell, fearing what may be lurking in the unexplored sections of the keep. 

After resting, the party attempted to break out of the cell by knocking down the locked cell door leading further into the keep. Unfortunately, the door led directly into the gurblyn throne room and they were forced to fight Hagdag and his praetorian guard of Gurblyn Bosses and archers. While the group did not have much difficulty dispatching the weaker gurblyns, Hagdag and his lieutenants proved to be tougher foes. Hagdag dealt a grievous blow to Jasper, but ultimately retreated after his soldiers were slain; he appeared to understand that he might not be able to defeat the party singlehandedly. As their target had fled, the party decided to barricade the entrances of the now-deserted throne room so they could take the opportunity to rest and hopefully recover from the wounds they had sustained.

WI Outing: Black Holes and Revelations

The Mysthaven Women's Institute, both wanting to test out potential members, earn some gold, and improve their reputation around the town, decided to visit the upcoming business of Herbert Fitzsprocket and test out some of his gadgets – ensuring they were safe for the general public before allowing him to sell these to the people of Mysthaven.

The WI headed south-southeast out of Mysthaven, finding both a sentient tree (which they decided not to attack) and a patch of goldpetal.

They proceeded onwards, coming across some creatures (which Eira named Rosynteryx) and testing out the gadgets given to them. They then had a very nice picnic before testing out the remainder of the gadgets.

Thus follows the report of the equipment tested:

Distributer (Dex save?) ADV on Dex saves Worked as intended
Auto-adrenelin Restore to 1HP Worked as intended
Pocket Sand ? Wrong dust – grow instead
Resurrection Gloves Auto-success on MED check Worked as intended
Stick Belt Stop forced movement Worked as intended
Spatial Condenser Pull things in, do damage Too powerful, didn't stop
Clockwork Bomb Walk and explode A bit pathetic




Gurblyn Adventure (Part 1)

Tavin Butterfass, Mynister of Dyplomacy, decided to form an adventuring party to explore the western forests in order to expand Mysthaven's unique brand of dyplomacy to the surrounding regions and locate the gurblyns that had attacked other adventuring parties in the area. To this end, he recruited Jasper 'Mason' Mayson, Hawthorn Raveneye and Girdon Hazestrike. The party set out westwards, briefly resting near the cave of bears that Hawthorn had befriended on a previous adventure. As they approached the edge of the forest, the group came across a large deforested clearing which appeared to have been the result of a large-scale logging operation. While they could not find any trace of the perpetrators, there were tracks leading away from the site into the woods. The party proceeded in that direction, hoping to find some sign of the gurblyns.

As they ventured deeper into the forest, the party was unexpectedly ambushed by a barrage of arrows from the trees. They found themselves in combat with several gurblyn archers, who were almost impossible to see admidst the natural camoflage provided by the wilderness. A gurblyn champion also emerged, but was handily slain by Jasper in close combat. Despite the death of their champion, the archers remained an enormous threat due to their knowledge of the terrain and their ability to hide seamlessly amongst the trees. While the party managed to eliminate several gurblyns, Girdon and Jasper were both struck down and were resuscitated by Hawthorn's Goodberries. Eventually the party managed to kill the majority of the gurblyns, forcing the unseen survivors to flee. 

Venturing further to the west, the party eventually found a strange fort inhabited by gurblyns. Hiding in the trees surrounding the fort, they were able to observe the passage of carriages and supplies into the fort; they also took note of several guardtowers manned by gurblyns that kept a constant vigil over the exterior of the fort walls. Hawthorn was able to stealthily scale a tree and observe a small portion of the fort interior, including a large keep and other structures. The party camped outside the fort for the better part of a day and observed the changing of the watchtower guard, but ultimately decided that they were not properly equipped to infiltrate the fort. They returned to Mysthaven to resupply and plan their next move.

The Undermine

After a mining accident, the party was recruited to explore an area that had opened up beneath the mine.

They went down and found a weird smelly pool, which they tested – melting Hawthorn's boots - before pressing on finding some form of forge where the inhabitants appears to be melting down some kind of artefacts belonging to an advanced race.

They were attacked by some stinky and hideously ugly lizards, which Ser Bryan called Hizzards, and were triumphant.

The continued exploring the cavern, finding a storage area with a ripped banner showing an anvil with a hammer above it, a large underground lake (which they couldn't and didn't explore at that time) and some form of worship area and shrine. They also found a hatchery, and destroyed or removed most of the eggs.

They slew all the Hizzards they could find and were attacked by some weird sort of lobster-spider that they also slew.

As they were exiting the cavern, they were attacked by a weird tentacled monster in the original pool, which they left alone, strategically retreating instead.

The Murder Stone (Part II)

The party continued south along a barely used path, fighting more Gants along the way, until they found a Stog encampment by a lake.

They bravely slew everyone they saw, before finding a fallen monolith with writing that was once again translated by Persis.

"On the final day of midsummer, Jogrog, of clan Stonesmasher, having proven himself the strongest of our kind, did give himself up to the living rock as tribute."

They decided that in honor of Jogrog, that the lake would be named Lake Stonesmasher.

They also found a well-guarded cave that they decided to ignore, before heading home.

Bear Friends

The group set out into the western woods where they found a Gurblyn arrow.
Following some tracks, the party came across a bear cave, and as it was late, Eira made friends with the bears and the party stayed overnight in the bear cave. Mummy Bear asked if the party could find Daddy Bear who had gone missing, and the party sent out trying to find him. They found him, stuck in a bear trap and in pain. The party freed him from the bear trap, but as they did so a number of gurblyn wolf riders appeared and attacked the party. The party managed to defeat most of them, though one escaped. The party escorted Daddy Bear back to the bear cave and took a gurblyn body back to Mysthaven.

Maiden Voyage of HMS Butterworth

The party met up on the docks, where Mynister Tavin christened the new sail boat that had been paid for and built by the Council. The party boarded, ready to set sail, but due to lack of wind, the boat did nothing. Then taking meteorological advice, the Mynister discovered it would be a few days before they had any wind, so the party disbanded, and reconvened at a later date.

One a nice windy day, the party set sail on HMS Butterworth, and ventured out into the unknown waters of Lake Mysthaven. Hawthorn took the wheel, directing the boat through the waters, and the party soon found themselves near a mysterious rocky island which looked abandoned apart from a shallow trough in the centre. The Mynister led a small party ashore in the row boat, accompanied by Teddy and Eira, where they discovered that within the trough sat a trident and some blue gems. The Mynister took the trident, while Teddy distributed the gems among the party. 
However, having done so, some undead fish like humanoids (now called Finbies) emerged and began to attack the group. A number also appeared under water, and swarmed the heroes on the boat, causing Laucian to jump ship and swim to his companions ashore. The Finbies were eventually defeated, and the party retreated to the safety of their boat. 
While aboard, the Mynister tested his new trident, and found he could control fish.

The party spent another few days on the Butterworth, exploring the lake, where they found another island with a cave, and a third island that was sandy and uninteresting. Sailing north east, the party saw lights on the shore, and sailing closer to investigate, were soon met my numerous small multi-coloured frogs on canoes. These were Grung.
Laucian and Teddy went ashore (the Mynister who wanted to attend too was unable to), and were taken to meet the Chief Grung who was gold. Teddy and Laucian engaged in struggled conversation with him, due to the magical conch that he held to his ears. They agreed with the Chief that they would help the Grung by assisting them in destroying the Bullywugs, who they were part enslaving, part killing. They persuaded him by talk of shinies (the blue gems found earlier) as well as making some Bullywug slaves fall asleep (to appear dead), who they then took back to HMS Butterworth.
The party sailed back to Mysthaven with the Bullywug as captives, trying to learn a few words from them, and anything about them. While the Mynister wanted to take them back to Mysthaven, a number of the party (particularly Teddy) did not like this idea. On the final night before the party reached Mysthaven, somebody released the Bullywugs from their hold.

The Murder Stone (Part I)

The party headed out to the structure spotted by Persis and Ser Bryan when they went looking for Barnabus the dog.

They found a collection of strange piles of dirt and when investigating, several giant ants attacked! These were quickly slain, and named as Gants by the quickly growing bromance that was Ser Bryan and Dustil.

They eventually climbed the hill, only to find a giant table-like stone, surrounded by a dozen or so standing stones.

Unknown writing was found on the stone, which was translated magically by Peris, deciphering it as: "Only the strongest may serve."

The party attempted multiple ways of activating the stone, including pouring divine energy into it and spilling blood (D'Alessio shot Persis!)

They camped overnight, and were attacked by a Stog hunting pack – they just about beat the pack back, before finishing their rest, swearing to press on the next day.


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