How to Book a Session

How to Book a Session


Player Requirements

  • Players need to install and be able to run the free 'demo' version of Fantasy Grounds, available from Steam or directly from the Fantasy Grounds website. You do not need the paid version.
  • Players will need access to the London Gaymers Discord server, and have access to a microphone. This campaign will use voice chat only (except in very exceptional circumstances).
  • You will need to create your character in Fantasy Grounds ahead of your first session – please arrange a time with the GM to do this. 
  • Players need to register with Obsidian Portal and be invited to join the campaign – please send the email address or username that you registered with to the GM to receive an invite.

Game Sessions

Players are invited to form their own groups, set their own goals and arrange a suitable time to run their session with the GM. 

Most adventures will be designed to be completed within a single play session – depending on the length of time available. In some cases, a particular adventure may require an extended session (or multiple sessions) to complete and the GM will make you aware of this when discussing your goals. 

Depending on Availability, a session could be a couple of hours on a weekday evening, or a whole day during the weekend with a break for lunch – when you play and for how long is up to your party. 

It is assumed that you return to the town of Mysthaven between adventures, unless otherwise specified. 

Forming a Party

When forming a party, please bear in mind the following:

  • Parties should be made up of 3 – 5 players. As this is an online game, more than five players tends to become more difficult to manage and can detract from the experience. 
  • Characters in a party may be different levels, but there should be no more than two levels between the highest- and lowest-leveled party member. For example, characters of levels 4,5 and 6 can form a party, as can characters of levels 9,10 and 11 – but characters of levels 7,9 and 10 cannot. This is to ensure that the experience remains fun and challenging for all. 
  • XP gained within a session will be split equally between all party members. 
  • If a character is already taking part in a multi-session adventure (and is therefore not located in Mysthaven), they will be unable to participate in another adventure until they return. 
  • The adventure will be designed / balanced to take into account the class make-up of the party. 

Booking a Session

The GMs Availability will be regularly updated. Once you have arranged a party, you should contact the GM with the following info to book your session:

  • Date / Start time
  • Party members / character levels / classes
  • Broad objectives (e.g. Investigate nearby caves, or 'hunt for the mysterious beast')

The GM will create a calendar entry to confirm the date and time of your session. 

Any changes to the group should be notified to the GM as early as possible – but with a minimum of 24 hours notice except in exceptional circumstances. 




How to Book a Session

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