Expeditions to Elsewhere

A D&D 5E West Marches style sandbox game for members of London Gaymers

17/06/17 – New Edition of The Mystvine is Available NOW!

The Mystvine is the regular chronicle for the town of Mysthaven. 

16/06/17 – First Adventures Set Out Into Elsewhere

The first party of adventurers undertook a brief foray into the previously unexplored lands of Elsewhere this week, setting out to hunt a pack of wolves that have been threatening the farmers of Mysthaven. The five-strong party successfully returned from their escapade, but not without sustaining a few cuts and scrapes. 

The session was great fun – thank you to all five of the players who made it super-memorable and really got into the spirit of the world and their characters. 

25/05/17 – Worldbuilding Session

Thank you to the players who attended the worldbuilding session on 17 May; it was thoroughly enjoyable. 

In the session, we created the town of Mysthaven, populated it with some buildings and characters of interest, explored the culture of its human population and outlined some broad details about the world beyond the mist (known as Elsewhere).

Each of the players who attended can award one of their characters with a point of Inspiration!