Expeditions to Elsewhere

After a mining accident, the party was recruited to explore an area that had opened up beneath the mine.

They went down and found a weird smelly pool, which they tested – melting Hawthorn's boots - before pressing on finding some form of forge where the inhabitants appears to be melting down some kind of artefacts belonging to an advanced race.

They were attacked by some stinky and hideously ugly lizards, which Ser Bryan called Hizzards, and were triumphant.

The continued exploring the cavern, finding a storage area with a ripped banner showing an anvil with a hammer above it, a large underground lake (which they couldn't and didn't explore at that time) and some form of worship area and shrine. They also found a hatchery, and destroyed or removed most of the eggs.

They slew all the Hizzards they could find and were attacked by some weird sort of lobster-spider that they also slew.

As they were exiting the cavern, they were attacked by a weird tentacled monster in the original pool, which they left alone, strategically retreating instead.


Shadeslay saishton

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