Expeditions to Elsewhere

The party headed out into the hills north of the mine, pushing into the woods when they saw things flying overhead.

They found a worn path through the woodlands before finding strange, sticky, white filament – which Maurice collected.

They were attacked by swarms of spiders, which they defeated quickly, before finding a clearing of Purple Dindle, which they somewhat-successfully harvested.

They were attacked by some purple bipedal creature (which Girdon named a aracnopode), which they attacked, and then they ran from a swarm of the things, eventually finding themselves in a shimmering clearing with ring of stunted growth around a central pile of stones - which registered as magical, from the school of necromancy.

Maurice moved the stones to his feet, the necromantic aura moving with them, and causing the atmosphere in the glade to become significantly more threatening. Two balls of light sprung from the mount, which was revealed to be a flat slb of stone, which quickly cracked as a hand smashed through it. The creature inside then stood – revealing itself to be a skeletal humanoid with desiccated skin clinging to it.

They killed the skeletal creature, only leaving the lights behind, which appeared to be able to turn invisible as they wished. These lights were tough, dodging out of the way of many of the blows aimed at them and dealing considerable damage in return, even appearing to be able to heal itself when it sucks the life out of a downed opponent. However, the lights were eventually defeated.

Maurice did an analysis on the skeletal creature, finding it to have been a creature with pointy ears and a long face that fought with a bow and a longsword against a swarm of dark shadowy creatures with 2 comrades, before falling to the swarm. He then took the chain armor off the creature before reburying it. The necromantic aura and threatening conditions appeared to have lifted on the defeat of the enemies.

They then returned to Mysthaven, taking the bow, longsword and a sketch of the wight to donate to the museum.


Shadeslay saishton

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