Expeditions to Elsewhere

Tavin Butterfass, Mynister of Dyplomacy, decided to form an adventuring party to explore the western forests in order to expand Mysthaven's unique brand of dyplomacy to the surrounding regions and locate the gurblyns that had attacked other adventuring parties in the area. To this end, he recruited Jasper 'Mason' Mayson, Hawthorn Raveneye and Girdon Hazestrike. The party set out westwards, briefly resting near the cave of bears that Hawthorn had befriended on a previous adventure. As they approached the edge of the forest, the group came across a large deforested clearing which appeared to have been the result of a large-scale logging operation. While they could not find any trace of the perpetrators, there were tracks leading away from the site into the woods. The party proceeded in that direction, hoping to find some sign of the gurblyns.

As they ventured deeper into the forest, the party was unexpectedly ambushed by a barrage of arrows from the trees. They found themselves in combat with several gurblyn archers, who were almost impossible to see admidst the natural camoflage provided by the wilderness. A gurblyn champion also emerged, but was handily slain by Jasper in close combat. Despite the death of their champion, the archers remained an enormous threat due to their knowledge of the terrain and their ability to hide seamlessly amongst the trees. While the party managed to eliminate several gurblyns, Girdon and Jasper were both struck down and were resuscitated by Hawthorn's Goodberries. Eventually the party managed to kill the majority of the gurblyns, forcing the unseen survivors to flee. 

Venturing further to the west, the party eventually found a strange fort inhabited by gurblyns. Hiding in the trees surrounding the fort, they were able to observe the passage of carriages and supplies into the fort; they also took note of several guardtowers manned by gurblyns that kept a constant vigil over the exterior of the fort walls. Hawthorn was able to stealthily scale a tree and observe a small portion of the fort interior, including a large keep and other structures. The party camped outside the fort for the better part of a day and observed the changing of the watchtower guard, but ultimately decided that they were not properly equipped to infiltrate the fort. They returned to Mysthaven to resupply and plan their next move.


Shadeslay Texhnolysis

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