Expeditions to Elsewhere

Gurblyn Adventure (Part 2) - Reclamation of Fort Buttermayo

Against everyone's better judgement, the party decided that the best course of action would be to attempt to capture the for they had observed during the last adventure. To bolster their numbers, the party recruited a local town guard named Guy Wisestreet to assist them in their quest. After completing their preparations, they ventured back into the forest, spending the night at the bear cave before continuing onwards through the de-forested clearing they had passed through previously.

Upon entering the area in which they had fought the gurblyn archers, the group noticed the gurblyns had set up a small encampment, blocking the path. The party was able to sneak past and reach the outskirts of the fort without incident. The party considered several plans for to gain entry, but ultimately decided to attempt to use Mynister Butterfass's Mold Earth cantrip to dig a tunnel into the fort and sneak in during the changing of the guard. While the party was successful in digging a tunnel, passing under the wall and entering the fort, they did not do so unnoticed. Mynister Butterfass was the first to exit the hole and was summarily captured by the gurblyns, although the rest of the party escaped detection. Butterfass was given a brief inspection by the leader of the gurblyns, a hobgurblyn named Hagdag, before being imprisoned in a small cell within the gurblyn keep. 

While Butterfass was being inspected and thrown into jail, the rest of the party managed to enter into fort through the tunnel; they almost immediately entered into combat with the hordes of gurblyns within. While they waged a pitched battle against gurblyn archers and warriors mounted on wolves, Butterfass managed to escape his cell through a trapdoor in the roof that led one of the towers atop the keep.  The remainder of the party managed to climb onto the other towers of the keep using grappling hooks they had acquired previously, and the reunited party managed to fend off the gurblyn forces before taking shelter in Butterfass's cell, fearing what may be lurking in the unexplored sections of the keep. 

After resting, the party attempted to break out of the cell by knocking down the locked cell door leading further into the keep. Unfortunately, the door led directly into the gurblyn throne room and they were forced to fight Hagdag and his praetorian guard of Gurblyn Bosses and archers. While the group did not have much difficulty dispatching the weaker gurblyns, Hagdag and his lieutenants proved to be tougher foes. Hagdag dealt a grievous blow to Jasper, but ultimately retreated after his soldiers were slain; he appeared to understand that he might not be able to defeat the party singlehandedly. As their target had fled, the party decided to barricade the entrances of the now-deserted throne room so they could take the opportunity to rest and hopefully recover from the wounds they had sustained.


Shadeslay Texhnolysis

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