Expeditions to Elsewhere

Gurblyn Adventure (Part 3) - Abandonment of Fort Buttermayo

Following their battle against Hagdag, the party successfully secured the throne room of the gurblyn fort and managed to rest for several hours. Their attempts to find any hidden treasure the gurblyns had left behind proved larely fruitless, aside from a few precious gems; most of the gurblyn weapons they found were poorly crafted and the only reinforced door turned out to be a latrine. A ragged map with characters akin to those on drawfish artifacts was also recovered. The group decided to venture outside the throne room and explored the rest of the keep; to their surprise it initially appeared to be devoid of any gurblyn activity. Some rooms had been filled with hostile wolves, which the party assumed to be a bizarre act of spite the gurblyns had performed before abandoning the keep. Some magical shields were recovered from the castle's armory, although their effects were unclear. 

Upon exiting the fort, the party found it was the dead of the night; even with a lantern to illuminate their surroundings their visibility remained remarkably poor. Mynister Butterfass threw a fire bolt over one of the guard towers, but there was no response; the group took this to mean that the gurblyns had abandoned the fort as well as the keep. They subsequently attempted to investigate one of the smaller buildings within the fort; this appeared to be some sort of crude lodgings which had also been filled with wolves. After dispatching the wolves, the party found themselves under attack from unseen archers. With limited light available, they were unable to see their attackers and chose to run across the open field between them and the fort gate. Upon approaching the gate, they were able to see that the gurblyn archers had resumed their positions upon the watchtowers; foot soldiers also took advantage of the darkness and confusion to sneak up on some party members and engage them at melee range. While the party fought more gurblyn soldiers, archers and wolf-mounted warriors, Hagdag returned to the fray and dealt a mortal blow to Guy. The party was close to being overwhelmed, but their bear allies unexpectedly broke through the gates of the fort and engaged Hagdag in combat. Even with their support, the party was unable to defeat Hagdag; the hobgurblyn brutally wounded both bears before withdrawing. The remained of the party managed to kill the few gurblyns that remained around the gates. Girdon created a magical fog cloud to shroud the group and allow them to tend to the wounded;  the party was able to stabilise the bears but it was too late to save Guy Wisestreet. Guy succumbed to his wounds, but he died with the satisfaction of a job well done. The party realised that they were unlikely to be able to conquer the fort in their current condition, and retreated under the cover of fog with the wounded bears and Guy's body. 

Upon their return to Mysthaven, the team gave Guy a proper cremation and dispensed with the majority of their loot. The ragged map was given to the museum for inspection. The enchanted shields were examined by local artificer Herbert Fitzsprocket but ultimately turned out to be useless due to the incompatibility of the enchantments used with the defensive nature of a shield; this did provide some troubling insight into the gurblyns' attempts to harness magical forces for combat.


Shadeslay Texhnolysis

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