The Noble Houses of Mysthaven

Old Houses of Mysthaven Nobility

House Butterfass

Lead by: Lord Tavin Butterfass

Members: Valentina Butterfass

History: The Butterfass House were the main producers of cheese back when the town was young. As one of the town's main staple foods, the Butterfass' were able to earn a great deal of money and influence through their control over cheese production. They were well known for their various and exciting cheeses as well as their unorthodox cheese making techniques.

House Shadewick

Lead by: Lord Albert Shadewick & Lady Catherine Shadewick



House Pole

Lead by: Mayor Pole & Lady Pole



House Carmichael

Lead by: Lord Carmichael & Lady Carmichael



House Greenleaf

Lead by: Lord Benjamyn Greenleaf & Lady Melynda Greenleaf

Members: Ser Julian Greenleaf, Ser Bryan GreenleafLady Gwyndolin Greenleaf

History: The Greenleaf family claims to be able to trace their heritage to the 4th Prophet of the Unknown and claim to have historical journals and artifacts in their vaults detailing such key events in the history of Mysthaven such as the first recorded Cheese Festival, as well as the dates of the laying of the foundation stones for the churches of the Known and Unknown. It is family tradition for members of the Greenleaf family to serve the Church of the Unknown in one manner or another and to hold key positions within the Mysthaven city guard, with the current patriarch serving as its commander for the last 6 years.

New Houses of Mysthaven Nobility

House Whistleton

Lead by: Lord Barnabas Whistleton & Lady Cynthia Whistleton

Members: David Whistleton, James Whistleton, Emma Whistleton, Frederick Whistleton & Samuel Whistleton

History: The Whistleton House is a new House that has grown in prosperity and power due to Barnabas' control over the Mysthaven markets. He is Mynister for Coin and Commerce and has been able to influence deals and trading to ensure his family benefits. As such, it has lead to an increase in power and a noble title.

House Bolero

Lead by:



House Grainger

​​​​​​​Lead by: Lord Grainger & Lady Grainger

Members: Elouise Grainger


House Waterford

​​​​​​​Lead by:




Faded Houses of Mysthaven Nobility

House Price

Lead by: Lady Eglantine Price

Members: None

History: House Price has long since faded as a noble house. Lord & Lady Price were both keen magicians, but their use of magic was extensive. Lady Price was left barren due to their constant use of magic, and the Price legacy was not able to grow. Lord Price, blaming himself for his wifes ailment, took his own life, leaving Lady Price sad and alone. The estate grows neglected and only a few loyal staff remain to care for Lady Price. 

House Lastfang

Lead by: N/A

Members: Clarice Lastfang

History: House Lastfang was once renowned amongst Mysthaven's nobility as a house of magecraft and sorcery. It is rumoured that the ancestors of the clan mated with dragons, imbuing their bloodline with wonderous powers and an innate gift for magic. Lastfang sorcerors played key roles in the establishment of the Mysthaven wizards' tower and often safeguarded the town in times of crisis. In the present day, however, most Lastfangs are born with little or no magical talent. As a result the family has lost most of its land, titles and assets; most of these have since passed into the hands of other noble houses. The surviving Lastfangs are a disparate group with no established family head, and most have adapted to more mundane positions as farmers, merchants or labourers.

The Noble Houses of Mysthaven

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